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My Struggle with Peyronie's

peyronies diseaseHi! This is Peter Marler who, for the past decade, has been working relentlessly in collaboration with X4 Laboratories to devise latest and efficient treatment options for Peyronie's Disease. Having detected a lump (called 'plaque') in my penis, my doctor diagnosed it to be a case of Peyronie's Disease and confirmed the diagnosis with me by showing some Peyronie's Disease pictures. The penis got highly curved towards the left, and the worst part was the unbearable pain that the plaque was causing me.

I'm not a medical expert to exactly explain this and neither had I got any Peyronie's information back then, but all I know is that it can really hurt very bad during an erection. And the worst part is that Peyronie's started to affect my sexual health as well. My girlfriend is an angel! She never communicated her sexual discontent but thankfully, I read it in her eyes and decided to do something about it.

My Fight Against Peyronie's

x4 labs for peyroniesSo, I decided to try two traction devices - the SizeGenetics System and X4 Labs. Here are the facts that I discovered.

SizeGenetics is pretty uncomfortable. Perhaps, it can be effective too. But to get better results from it, you may have to wear it for more than one hour. In fact, sometimes I was wearing it for 10 hours at a stretch. But after removing it at the end of the day, my penis used to look horrible and it hurt a lot too.

penis tractions deviceThen started my experiment with the X4 Labs traction device with hybrid technology! It was the most comfortable experience that I ever had. Absolutely no pain and discomfort on this occasion! Precisely, as promised by the X4 Labs, the pain in my penis became history in just 4 months' time. Also, it was a great relief to see a significant improvement in the curvature of my penis.

After 8-9 months of regular use, my curvature and plaque got corrected by as much as 80%. It was sheer delight to see such unbelievable results without undergoing any type of scary penis surgery.

If you'd like to know more or have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email. I'll try my best to answer your queries as soon as I can.

Peyronie's and Related Medical Studies

In recent times, many urologists and independent bodies all over the world have conducted clinical trials on a large number of Peyronie's patients to confirm certain preliminary inferences:

  1. X4 Laboratories Inc. conducted a clinical trial on a moderate level to ascertain the effects of penis extender on the curvature of penis and also to determine its levels of acceptance among the masses as a reliable non-surgical means to enlarge the penis. The inferences drawn out of these trials indicated a 70% correction in the Peyronie's Disease and even higher results in case of milder symptoms.

  2. Some initial studies have also concluded a significant promise shown by penis extender in its use to stimulate the penile growth in a non-surgical manner and thereby, tackle Peyronie's Disease. The checked sample suggested an average increase of as much as 2.5 inches in the men who used the penis extender regularly for a period of 3-6 months.

  3. The urological fraternity has also shown keen interest after the last clinical tests carried out by the X4 Laboratories Inc. This interest has been fueled by the expectations of possible use of penile extenders as effective alternative to the traditional surgical methods of correcting the penis curvature. Such device works on the traction principles, which state that if constant force is applied on the penis, it spontaneously leads to new cells-formation and fresh skin tissue.

  4. The International Andrological Association (IAA) is also scheduled to conduct comprehensive tests in the coming months to recommend usage of devices, like penis extenders, on a much larger scale. It is a widely known fact that any surgical operation on penis can be a potential cause for conditions like impotence and decrease in sensitivity of the penis. The penis extender comes as a great blessing in cases where the patients can also get effective treatment for Peyronie's Disease in a non-invasive manner.
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Such observations and conclusions are a vital step in enabling the penis extenders to get much better market penetration by making them usable in urological clinics as a non-surgical option. Once such results are certified by the accredited medical establishments, the devices like penis extenders will get actively prescribed by urologists for treating the cases with mild penis curvatures and Peyronie's Disease.

Treating Peyronie's with X4 Labs Penis Extender

Perhaps, one of the best features of X4 Labs Penis Extender is that you can just try the product without any risk. If you are unsatisfied with it, simply send it back anytime you want without giving any reason. (But I just loved it and have never heard any genuine case where the extender was returned). Their support is very friendly and they won't ask you any questions. They also offer some freebies from time to time, which you must check out by clicking here.

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