Traction Device for Peyronies Disease - Readers Testimonials

Our esteemed customers have been kind enough to take some time and have rated the X4 Labs and The Euro Extender products. Check out their opinions, thoughts and experiences of improvement with the help of these devices.

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Rog-Roger D., California, USA

The X4 Extender is by far the best product on the market when it comes to fix a penile curvature. Not only was the customer service impeccable, the shipping ultra fast, but the device itself works miracles. I don't want to sound cheesy, but I owe a lot to you guys. Thank you so much for being there to answer my questions and providing a product that can actually help men born with unfair disadvantages.

John C., Arkansas, USA

Had a little extra money last summer so I allowed myself to buy the X4 stretcher. What started out as an impulse purchase has turned into a positive long-term investment. My peyronies disease goes back half the way. Guys! Thank you so much for this opportunity

Peter W., Vermont, USA

I've been using the X4 Labs device for over 4 month now. My penis was curved to the left and was hurting a little bit. But with the help of X4 Labs i was able to fight these pain and the curvature goes back.

Steven M., Kentucky, USA.

I have been using the X4 for one month. It has improved my Peyronies Disease very much and my penis seems thicker. I use it as much as I can. I use it for an hour at a time, after it is off for 15 to 30 minuts I can put it back on for another hour.


Treat Your Peyronies Disease And Penile Curvature With X4 Labs

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