Peyronies Disease FAQ

What scientific principles are behind the traction method?

It is a well established fact that traction principles have worked wonders in naturally altering the tissue patterns. The Giraffe-neck women in northern Thailand are an excellent example of this principle. In the same manner when traction methods are applied on the penis in a gradual and progressive manner, it catalyses the growth of penis tissues in suspensary ligaments and the corpus cavernosum, thus leading to relief from peyronies disease. Traction is a regular method adopted in modern medical science to accelerate bone growth and new skin formation.

What is Penis made up of? Is it a muscle or a bone? Will traction assist its growth in the peyronies disease?

Simply put, the penis is just a combination of some very strong and elastic tissues. It does not have any muscle or bone and therefore the use of traction device becomes much more appropriate. Hence, if looking for an answer to how to fix a curved penis?, look no further, the traction devices stimulate the growth of penis tissues in the best possible manner.

What are the expected results from the use of a Penis Extender?

The results from this device differ from person to person. However, on an average, an increase of approximately 1.5 inches in your penis size is normally expected. The benefits are for one to see in both the erect and contracted conditions of the penis.

How long do the results from the traction device last?

Yes. The traction results are absolutely permanent and irreversible. The traction device, contrary to the common pills, stimulates the cell growth by way of applying physical pressure on the tissues to increase in both length and girth. The results once gained, are hence irreversible.

Are the traction devices going to turn my Penis thinner?

Hey, neither do traction devices work on the same principles as the rubber band, nor are human tissues made up of rubber! Unlike rubber, which when stretched to its limit slowly starts getting thinner, the penis that is made up of tissues shows a completely different pattern. When stretched with the help of traction device, the penis gains in length and thereafter, new tissues get formed to make up for the girth. So, in the end you have a longer and thicker penis!

Will I suffer from any side effects from the traction method?

Absolutely No. If you are following the instructions to the letter, there is no way that you will suffer from any side effects from the traction devices. On the contrary, your erections will start getting better and you�ll discover a new found confidence by being a master possessor of a big penis.

Is the traction method only advisable for people with small penises?

A traction device shows best visible results in small penises. However, significant improvements have also been seen in the cases of large or medium sized penises.

Can the traction treatment continue in the long run? Will one continue to gain from its benefits even in the long run?

Yes, the traction method is absolutely safe to be practiced even over a longer period of time. The gains from the traction method will also continue even in the longer run.

Hey, What do I do if I get an erection while the traction device is on?

Please note that the penis extenders have an in-built mechanism to make adjustments with changes in the size and angle of the penis. In some cases, it may just gently slide off the penis, to be used later.

Is traction method the best answer to my question, How to fix a curved Penis?

Yes, you are right. The penis extender traction devices are proven to have straightened the curved penises by as much as 70%.

Do you have any medical studies to back up your claim regarding efficiency and safety levels of the traction devices?

It is now a stale news that many researches and studies conducted worldwide have established the safety and efficacy of the penis extender traction devices. However, as a precautionary measure, you must ensure that the one you purchase has a registered trademark on it and has been accorded international recognition.

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