Picture Peyronies Disease

The Peyronies Disease. Picture it and you will feel uncomfortable

The peyronies disease and the picture of a curved penis can be easily related to many men in the society today. How to fix a curved penis? has become an often asked question in many forums and men are getting more and more anxious and stressed out due to the peyronies disease. Though a nightmare for men, the ladies consider peyronies disease as a blessing in disguise. This is because during the sexual intercourse, a curved penis can normally reach areas in a womans vagina that a straight penis can never. However, when it comes to peyronies disease, to picture a curved penis regularly also becomes a boring affair for women. They rather like it to have straight in the long run.

The curvature in a mans penis can occur either naturally with the penile growth or due to a medical condition called peyronies disease. A natural curve in the penis is attributed to varying levels of growth in the two chambers of a penis. If they grow at different pace, the penis tends to bend towards the chamber that is marred by slow growth rate. There is no established method as yet to ascertain such changing growth patterns and taking timely prevention measures, however, such conditions can be cured whenever the patient is ready. It is generally observed that the patients suffering from the peyronies disease picture it as an embarrassment and refrain from taking any correctional initiatives that can boost their sex lives a great deal.

The peyronies disease owes its name to an accomplished eighteenth century French doctor known as Francois de la Peyronie. He gave peyronies disease its description in the year 1743 and was also the surgeon to Frances Louis XI. Though the Doctors world over picture the peyronies disease causes with a lot of uncertainty, its mechanism is relatively clear. The hard connective tissue layer in the penis called tunica albuginea consists of a soft spongy tissue called Corpora Cavernosa. For unestablished reasons, the tunica albuginea starts getting infected with a scar tissue that stops the penis from optimum expansion during erections. It further leads to bending of the penis in either direction.

If the peyronies disease picture frightens you, then you can opt for some very useful penis exercises to help you revert your penis back to the 90 degrees angle. Such exercises if done regularly, put stress on the scar tissue and eventually straighten up the penis by breaking up the scar tissue. However, this method takes some time and one should be patient.

Another successful method to bring penis back to its normal angle is employing the traction devices. The perpetual stretching of the traction device eventually flexes up the tunica albuginea and thus straightens the penis. To achieve the best results with a traction device, you will have to keep wearing it regularly and can even consider doing the exercises while having it on. This should significantly catalyse the healing process. The scar tissues can be stubborn and can take ample time to give in, hence youll have to summon up tremendous patience and perseverance to achieve results. So, go ahead, exercise while keeping the traction device on and the peyronies disease picture will no longer scare you.

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