Peyronies Disease Surgeries

Types of Surgeries and Other Options

Peyronies disease is one of the major causes of penis shortening, penis deformities and erectile dysfunction. About 1-3% of males are affected by the disease and it is no doubt an extremely bothersome disease. As far as treatment of this medical condition is concerned, health experts and doctors are trying their best to crack a permanent and fruitful solution. 

Till date, it remains one of the greatest challenges. Apart from radiation therapy, oral drugs and injections, doctors often resort to surgery in case of severe deformities. Surgery does correct the penis curvature at times and brings it to a better shape. The surgical procedures involved are quite expensive and only when no other therapy works, is it resorted to.

The Three Surgical Procedures

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There are three surgical procedures that are available to those who are suffering from Peyronies and want to get rid of it. Cutting or removal of the plaque is the first procedure that one follows. A vein, patch of skin or substance made of animal organs is then attached. Though this method might fix the bend and straighten your penis and restore a little of the lost length, you on the other hand might feel a numbness. 

At times surgery leads to loss of sex drive. The other surgical method available is that of placation where pinching or removing a portion of tunica albuginea from that side of the penis opposite of the plaque. This corrects the bending/curvature of your penis.

The Second Available Option

The last option for the patient is implantation of a device for the purpose of increasing the rigidity of the sex organ. There are cases where an implant alone straightened the penis. If this procedure alone cant treat the curve then one of the abovementioned methods are implemented along with it to get the desired result. The assuring thing about these surgeries is that most of the time they have produced positive results. 

However, as these surgeries can result in further complications and does not really help in correcting many other effects of the Peyronies disease, doctors perform these surgeries only when the deformity is severe enough to hinder sexual intercourse.

Last But NOT Least ...

vitamin for peyronies diseaseMoreover, not everybody can afford a surgery as it involves very high costs and post-surgery expenditures. Other severe problems that can arise after surgery are permanent shortening, penile disability, bleeding, infection and post-operative pain. Doctors these days are increasingly encouraging patients to use penis extenders and stretchers as they are any day a better alternative for surgeries.

Choose A Safe And Proven Traction Device

Only products like X4 Labs external penis traction devices must be used to get any results as this penis extender allows a patient to stretch a flaccid penis for several hours in a day. Add metal bars to the stint of the extender to adjust the traction level. Usage of a penis extender either causes remodeling of penile tissues, damaged or thickened abnormally by Peyronies or they simply elongates the plaque.

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