Pictures Of Peyronies Disease

Peyronies disease pictures are a graphic tool for showing and explaining what a classic curved penis is. In many males, as photographs show, the penis is curved  as against being straight in an erect state and this is considered to be an abnormality by doctors. However, most males having this deformity are unaware of the consequences and only realize it when their normal sex life is disturbed.

Kinds Of Penile Deformities

There are five basic types of penile deformities as Peyronies disease pictures show. These are : upward and downward penile curvature, hourglass deformity, upward curvature towards the penis head and bottle neck deformity along with left curvature. These pictures are an useful and educative tool to explain to those suffering from the condition about what the treatment is and what the consequences might be if left untreated. These photographs show in details the full range of the disease -- from mild to acute. 

There are displays of a negligible curvature of the penis which keeps growing and results in pain and complete loss of the ability to have sexual intercourse. Surgery at this stage is the only way out and there are also photographs showing how the procedure is conducted.  

A Informative and Helpful Book

penis diseasePeyronies disease pictures are to be found in the book Peyronie's Disease and Sex written by Dr Herazy. The book also contains information on stretching the penis manually and by way of a procedure developed by PDI.  

These pictures will help the uninitiated and the uneducated to understand the gravity of the disease and to treat it from its initial stages. These also serve as a wake-up call to those suffering from the disease and do not aim at helping people diagnose the disease by themselves and indulge in self treatment.  Rather, they will guide a person to seek proper medical assistance and also the assurance that having a curved penis does not always been that you are suffering from Peyronies disease.

Sexual Function Can Be Lowered

Selected Peyronies disease pictures will also teach you that the ailment may result from a healing penile wound. The pictures show one or multiple irregular and  flat benign fibrous scars along the penile shaft which may result in painful erections. These scars usually restrict full expansion during erection and end up distorting the penis. 

The size, number and location of the scar or scars slightly or severely distort or shorten the penis during erection. There are pictures showing penile erection ranging from five degrees to forty five degrees and sometimes even ninety degrees in acute cases. This may result in hampered sexual function and even impotency depending on the severity of penile curvature.

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