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Peyronies Disease. Picture is not as Grim as it Seems

Peyronies disease can turn your sexual life into unbearable nightmares. There have been instances where it has even led to divorces. If you move out finding a cure for Peyronies disease, picture may look not very encouraging as there are very few options claiming to be 100% effective. However, please dont get disheartened, with little effort and dedication the peyronies disease picture can start appearing solvable.

To get the smile back on your face, let us inform you that in some cases peyronies disease picture has improved even without making any efforts. Thus, the Doctors too sometimes suggest a wait and watch approach. There are other significant methods like surgery and devices available to help you overcome the peyronies disease.

How does one diagnose the peyronies disease? What are the causes for the peyronies disease? The causes of peyronies disease still look like an unsolved jigsaw picture to the medical professionals. There are various theories that are doing the rounds, they are:

1. A penis if hit or curved unnaturally during the sexual intercourse or while being erect can result in mini tears in the penile tissue. It may also happen that the tiny blood vessels in the penis may get ruptured and start to bleed internally. If not healed properly, it can further lead to formation of plaque or a stiff scar tissue beneath the penis skin. If ignored, it may further result in development of fibrosis or calcium deposits leading to significant deformity in the penis. Peyronies disease picture can turn quite scary if not paid heed to on time.

2. Some researchers are of the opinion that the peyronies disease results from changes in ones immunity system. Due to such changes, the body may respond unexpectedly and result in plaque formation in the penis. However, it is an interesting observation as peyronies disease hasnt been associated with other autoimmune disorders like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Another commonly held belief is that peyronies disease may be caused due to the abnormalcy of collagen that is responsible for remodelling and building of the connective tissue.

4. Few drugs, popularly known as beta blockers that fall into the category of treating cardiac or blood pressure related conditions, are also known to sometimes result in side effects like peyronies disease. Such drugs are prescribed in cases of seizures, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis too. Though rare, some of these drugs may possibly lead to peyronies disease.

The causes of peyronies disease can still be ascertained in the cases resulting from an accidental injury to the penis, however, the conditions wherein the peyronies disease grows slowly and then fades away on its own, are yet unexplained.

Peyronies disease is not a very common disorder. In the event you experience discomfort while doing sexual intercourse, you must first consult a doctor and only then come to any conclusions. Though the peyronies disease picture appears as unpleasant as it can get, there are constant developments being made in the medical field and some of the available options are quite effective.

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