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The X4 Labs Peyronies Disease Support Forumis a great platform to exchange information or experiences related to the penis problems. There are many users engaged in constructive discussions on penile curvature, penis sizes etc. You'll definitely find help and a wonderful support from the individuals who have faced and overcome these problems themselves. Just feel comfortable and take your time to start interacting.

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My boy-friend has peyronies disease. Our Dr said he should use medicine. We are getting married very soon and sometimes spoke about expending our family situation. How much of effect will the medicine have on us consiving. Also I think it is starting make him sad ;-(.

I had Peyronies for about 12 months and lost an inch in length. Is there any acceptable way to get back my old length?

I have Peyronies disease, with a 20 degree downward curvature. I have a little bit of pain with intercourse. I have been placed on topical Verapamil. Are there other methods to fix my curvature?
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